How to Make Beetroot Juice with Carrot (Detox Juice for Body Cleanse) | The Frugal Chef

How to make beetroot juice with carrot. Beets benefits for health. Detox juice for body cleanse.

Today I want to make a beetroot juice with carrots and apple with you. This is easy and very, very beneficial for your health. Check out the benefits below 👇 It is preferable to use organic vegetables and fruits when you are juicing. If you can’t do so please peel everything before juicing to minimize consumption of contaminants.

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Beets Benefits –
Keeps blood pressure in check
Improves athletic performance
Fights inflammation
High fiber content
Improves digestive health
May improve brain function
May have anticancer properties
Low in fat and calories

Carrots Benefits –
Reduces cholesterol
Reduces risk of cancer
High in fiber
Helps with weight loss
Protects our eyes
Rich in Vitamin A
Contains potassium

Carrot Green Benefits –
Higher content of Vitamin C than the carrot
High content of Vitamin A
High content of fiber
Rids body of toxins
High in potassium
Excellent for your kidneys

Red Apples Benefits –
High in fiber
Support weight loss
May lower blood pressure
Lowers risk of diabetes
Promotes gut health
May prevent cancer
High in polyphenols
Protects your brain
Could fight asthma

Ginger Benefits –
Aids digestion
Reduce nausea
Fight the flu
May help with weight loss
Drastically lowers blood sugar
May lower cholesterol
Has anti-cancer properties
Improves brain function
Fights infections

Cucumber Benefits –
High in antioxidants
High in nutrients
Promotes hydration
Lowers blood sugar
Aids in weight loss
Promotes regular bowel movements

How to make beetroot juice with carrots –

2 small or 1 large beetroot (with greens if possible) – scrubbed and halved
3 thin or 2 regular carrots (with greens if possible) — scrubbed
1 large apple — washed and quartered
1 piece of ginger (the larger, the spicier) — scrubbed
1 small cucumber — scrubbed (peel if waxed)

Place everything in the juicer and juice. Enjoy.

Music courtesy of YouTube – Floating Home by Brian Bolger

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