Doctor Mike’s Smoothie – Golden Milk Weight Loss Super Smoothie

Haldi milk helps you restore digestion thereby accelerating weight loss. Turmeric milk can be included in a protein-rich diet. This combination is a good source of protein and calcium and aids weight lossGolden milk can aid in digestion, calm nausea, and improve overall gut health.Besides reducing inflammation associated with obesity, consumption of turmeric increases the metabolic rate which helps burn calories faster in the body.
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2. Golden Milk keto (Fat 50 g, NET carbs 4 g, fiber 13 g, protein 27 g)
• ½ cup ice
• 1/3rd cup coconut cream, unsweetened (16 g fat)
• 1 cup coconut milk (unsweetened) (5 g fat)
• 1 scoop (17 g) protein powder (0.5 g fat, NET carbs 1 g, 15 g protein)
• 3 tbs chia seeds (fat 9 g, NET carbs 1, fiber 10 g, Net carbs 1 g, protein 6 g)
• ½ tsp vanilla extract
• ½ tsp turmeric powder
• ¼ tsp ginger powder
• ¼ tsp ground cinnamon
• 2 tbs almond butter (Fat 19 g, NET carbs 2 g, fiber 3 g, protein 6 g)
• 8 drops monkfruit extract monkfruit extract

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